Mindful Medical Care is bringing a new kind of integrative and holistic medical practice to Knoxville. We are committed to taking the time to treat the whole person, paying attention to physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of healing. We empower patients to become advocates for their own best health care, offering assistance as necessary in their own personal process.

Mindful Medical Care does not accept insurance as payment for our services. We accept cash, check or credit card as payment at the time of your visit.

Philosophy of Care:

  • We believe in taking an integrative and holistic approach to health. We provide health care focused on healing and wellness that takes into account the whole person (physical, psychological and spiritual) to identify and treat root causes of disease and not just work with symptoms. We make use of both conventional and alternative therapies for which there is good evidence of safety and efficacy.
  • We believe that the best medical care comes from a patient-centered, rather than disease- focused, approach to understanding health and disease.
  • We believe that given enough accurate information and supportive counseling, a patient can make the best choices about their own health care treatments. Dr. Lucas strives to research options thoroughly and communicate clearly to inform her patients' decisions.
  • This integrative approach to health care requires spending more time with patients. At Mindful Medical Care we decide the length of visits based on the needs of individual patients, not based on the standard 10 minute visit reimbursed by insurance. The average follow-up visit for our patients is 30 minutes.

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